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Adventures in Contentment

Talladega Mornings

A quiet life


The time has come to close your eyes and still the wind and rain.

Talladega Mornings

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So my dad, Dwight, Lee, and his stepdad drove NASCARs last weekend. Serious shit. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Talladega Super Speeeeeeedway Talladega Super Speeeeeeedway
Jesicaw & Gracie Lou Jesicaw & Gracie Lou
Dwight & Daddy Dwight & Daddy
The drivers The drivers
Suited up Suited up
180 mph 180 mph
Pit stop Pit stop
Lee is happy! Lee is happy!
Yup, I do Yup, I do
O'Neal O'Neal
Leelee after 46 laps (with Harry Potter scar) Leelee after 46 laps (with Harry Potter scar)

  • Why, you Speed junkie!

    Glad to hear all is well. :P

    Hopefully, when you have the time, you can visit us again! Queen-sized bed! (no pun needed)
  • Okay, so what's the deal with this Gracie Lou thing? It just makes me think of Gracie Lou Freebush from Miss Congeniality.
    • You got it in one. Gracie is Jessica's hot, globetrotting Barbie doll friend, named after Bulloch's character.

      Check out her myspace.
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