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In Memorium

Got terrible news today.

Reports from Cleveland tell me that Alasha Eagle is dead. Somewhere in New Mexico on the reservation. That is all I know. Age 24.

I took this well but then it began to prey on me. I mean, no one really thought Alasha was the "make it to 30 type." I'm not being mean, but it is true.

I met him when I was 20 years old. At a party, at Dunaway's apartment. He was 12 at the time. I bummed a cigarette off him. That was the beginning of our friendship. Son of a psycho, pothead professor, this kid was a juvenile delinquint and a whiz at Magic cards. Hundreds of stories to be told there, most centering around Alpha Arms. Of all the folks I knew in Cleveland, he was perhaps the most interesting. He was far more intelligent and dangerous than most people gave him credit for. Anyone who remembers the Skene school fire knows that.

So I burned a deck of Magic cards, with a Nalathni dragon on top tonight. I don't know if he took any cards with him, but I know he needs a decent deck. Poured vodka shots on his fire, gave him Camels to repay a long ago debt.

Punk kid, did you have to prove us right?
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