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Adventures in Contentment

Fantasy Cruise

A quiet life


The time has come to close your eyes and still the wind and rain.

Fantasy Cruise

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ruinsmore ruinsSnorklingsnorkel
more to comesee abovenot deadcheese!
smokestackNew OrleansParty time!the view
 Off the starboard aft15 minutes off the dockin pretty much every direction
lifeboatsthe wakedrinking & mini-golfcaptain's cocktail party
you know... in casegoes on forevershe kicked my ass. twice.I happen to like neon. And cocktails.
The waitersMilbyTowel heart?ass of boat
I don't know what the hell these guys are doing.At Cleopatra's Temple of Doom and Piano Bar.  
Mahajualtha boatghetto catjungle buses
the fishing village.on our way to the junglesrsly. buses in the jungle.
Chacchoben ruinsjungle ruinsus at ruinssweet-ass temple
and we're back! 


another anglethat's what I'm talkin about!palmettoesruins again

Banyan treeruins r usgetting some shadeFading painted serpents

crazy roots

PyramidBanyan serpent rootswampy jungle ruinspassageway


still not as hot as mississippi

bleachers with banyanstairmaster!ruins from aboveIndy!  I found it!!


Farmerdrizzt and the last cruise-adebig-ass templethey liked their temples bigsee how small we are?

more sweet architectural detailmeanwhile...so pinkthe other side of the pool

Conga Line into the Pool Bar!but with a swim-up bar!
the people who work here make 2 pesos a week. I keeed!
I don't remember this guy's namestormy weatherwhat the hell is this thing?I'd like to return this parrott...

but he made us rainbow tequila drinks and was our friend
holy shit! get back to the boat!

pining for the fjords.
Rade?????nap timewater

Agent of COBRA? No. Our drink waiter.

yup. still blue.
the lobby of the boat/entry barDamn this place.Cat LoungeWhat am I sitting on?

This place is freaky as shit.
A can of salmon
kitten's eye view.not a close-upI'll have a large beer.  To go.Pwned!

just a HUGE PBR!

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Is that an AT-AT in the background?Towel... cobra?  Swan?   

Our dinner companions.


  • wow, that trip looked awesome!! i want to go on a cruise :). I think the towel art on your bed is hilarious. the ruins look incredible. i bet they'd be spooky as hell to be around at night.

    i'm glad you guys had a great time :).
  • I want to stand on top of those temples on Lsd and drink blood. I'm just sayin. It's on the list...
  • the cruise

    i knew you would love the cruise!!!!!!!!!!! you never run out of stuff to do..... next time maybe we can do a girls trip.
  • Did you need a passport?

    I'd like to spring a cruise on Betsy but I don't want her knowing what I'm up to. Did you need a passport?
    • Well, we got passports, just in case, but you don't NEED a passport if you go before 2008, I think. Unless you fly, then you need one. If you don't have a passport, you have to have 2 forms of ID, and your original birth certificate, I think, or a notarized copy. Not too sure on the rules, you guys should get passports anyway. But it's taking a WHILE to get passports these days. But if you have the bieth certificates and stuff, you could go this year without a passport. Just don't miss the boat!
    • Re: Did you need a passport?

      You need a passport now with the tightened laws and all. :(
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