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Adventures in Contentment

My Dad's 60th Birthday Party

A quiet life


The time has come to close your eyes and still the wind and rain.

My Dad's 60th Birthday Party

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Huge Birthday Cake!O'Neal, Ros, & Mike
O'NealMe, Uncle Mike, & Jessica
Me & TimboJessica & James
Lee in pink!Me, Daddy, & Jessica
The BayouSherry & Chris
James, Tim, & IHot Rod VW Engine
Dune BuggyDune Buggy
Dune BuggyDune Buggy?
Dune Buggy!Dune Buggy!

  • Re: so sorry!

    Yes, actually there are two things, no four, that I really need and I will pay for three of them if you can get it.
    1. An Aztec man-killer. Jim knows what I'm talking about.
    2. A fifth of mexican tequila with a whole pear in it. They grow em on pear trees. Neato.
    3. Free if you can get away with it. A tiny chip of any one of the "temple" pyramids.
    4. Fake or real crystal skull of power. I can't afford a real one. But a fake one should heat up pretty good.
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