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Adventures in Contentment

My Dad's 60th Birthday Party

A quiet life


The time has come to close your eyes and still the wind and rain.

My Dad's 60th Birthday Party

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Huge Birthday Cake!O'Neal, Ros, & Mike
O'NealMe, Uncle Mike, & Jessica
Me & TimboJessica & James
Lee in pink!Me, Daddy, & Jessica
The BayouSherry & Chris
James, Tim, & IHot Rod VW Engine
Dune BuggyDune Buggy
Dune BuggyDune Buggy?
Dune Buggy!Dune Buggy!

  • Tell that old bastard happy birthday and give him a hug from me.

    And tell your sister I still get the willies when I think about her. ;)
  • And post the pics of her in the bikini.
  • What happened to you dude? You guys never called or showed up?
    Tell your pops I said happy birthday. Later.
    • so sorry!

      We didn't come down because Julianakin ruptured his eardrum (again) like 2 days before we were going to leave. We didn't call, because farmerD is an idiot. Really. A real jackass.
      But we shall make it up to you by bringing you something fantastically Mayan when we get back from Mexico in a few weeks. Any requests?
    • Re: so sorry!

      Yes, actually there are two things, no four, that I really need and I will pay for three of them if you can get it.
      1. An Aztec man-killer. Jim knows what I'm talking about.
      2. A fifth of mexican tequila with a whole pear in it. They grow em on pear trees. Neato.
      3. Free if you can get away with it. A tiny chip of any one of the "temple" pyramids.
      4. Fake or real crystal skull of power. I can't afford a real one. But a fake one should heat up pretty good.
    • Re: so sorry!

      Uh, ExCUSE me? What about me? Y'know, just cause someone doesnt talk, write or even email for a few months DOES NOT CONSTITUTE a total abandonment! Sheesh. I even gave you DVDs from my personal collection that you STILL have! What about me? Doesn't anyone ever care about MY feelings?!?!?!

      Damn you all *sniff* I'm gonna go in a corner and masturbate wildly. Then flog myself with a cat-o-nine-tails with broken glass...

      Maybe I'll just say my little karmic vengeance spells....
      • Re: so sorry!

        Your feelings are important, just not front and center.

        What is up with that? Silly k-niggit.
  • Yeah, that was a good day.

    Good times, good memory. Christ man! Thinking back on all the crap I've seen Jimmy go through I feel like singing ole lang sayne (sp?) looking at these pictures. Can't get over Jim's gray hair. It aint right! I prefer my yesteryear - read pre-casino- memories of Jim as a floused haired fop and Jimmy as a disgruntled UPS man. What an incredibly rich history... the details... the textures... poor lighting and role playing. Children have no conept of the time they lived; we especially.
    • Re: Yeah, that was a good day.

      Yeah, and the college experiences of playing Vampire-The Masquerade Real Life on DSU campus. And you and Jim smoking those PIPES in the dorm rooms, and playing Chinese Checkers or some sort of War game or something....who knows, eh?
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